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Tools used in agriculture: Manitou Forklifts

The manual tools like manitou forklifts with which our ancestors worked the land, weed, fertilized, harvested or planted the typical crops of the peninsula seem in danger of extinction.

manitou forklifts

Point in favour of traditional tools

However, elements such as the shovel, escardilla, machete or rake not only struggle to stay in the inventory of modern agriculture but also, several of them are resurfacing thanks to their ability to help in agricultural work without producing waste or effects environmental factors that machines produce, such as the emissions of gases from their fossil fueled engines. Therefore, beyond preferences, here is a list of the most used traditional and modern tools in agriculture.

Which to choose? Although some generally replace the others, the decision must be taken taking into account the investment of modern tools (machinery) over traditional ones, in addition to the productivity it offers and the impact it causes on the environment. What there are are options to choose from.

Traditional tools:

Below we detail what would be the best known traditional tools.

Shovel: This element, of resistant and sharp sheet of metal, is the traditional ally of the farmers to till or remove the earth. It is very versatile and can get us out of trouble at any time, without using heavy machines that have replaced it as excavators.

Peak: More pointed and sharp than the shovel, this tool is fantastic for digging in hard terrain, removing stones, making ditches or preparing holes in the ground for sowing.

Escardilla: It has a shovel-shaped end and its cutting edge is sharp, ideal for removing the earth. This ancient tool has evolved to materials such as stainless steel to prevent corrosion and more efficient designs to achieve optimum ground preparation.

Machete: It is difficult for this utensil consisting of a handle and a long and sharp steel blade to be forgotten. Its practicality to take it everywhere makes it almost irreplaceable and a pocket tool for the farmer when it comes to mowing the grass, cutting or pruning the plants or breaking through the brush.

Rake: Although there are several types of rakes, the main function of this bar is to loosen and level the ground. Also used to collect leaves, grass or hay, the traditional rake has evolved and from being manual or pulled by beasts has become fixed to tractors.

manitou forklift

Modern tools:

Below we detail what the best known modern tools would be.

Tractor: It is the most used and versatile machine in agriculture. Its power and size allows it to work in rough terrain, dragging or towing agricultural implements.

Combine harvester: With this machine it has been possible to reduce the use of labor and production costs due to its ability to work and accuracy to harvest the crop. The harvesters are a guarantee of efficiency for the farmer, since they perform the mowing, threshing, separation and cleaning of the grain simultaneously.

Plow: It is a team designed to make grooves and level the ground thanks to the blades it has. There are several models according to need: weir, disc, surface or subsoil.

Sprinkler: It is an element that has evolved from the manual to the one installed on a tractor or car. It is used to fumigate and consists of a liquid tank, pressure pump and nozzle, mainly.

Fertilizer: As the name implies, this agricultural equipment is used to add fertilizer or fertilizer to the soil. Its main parts are the hopper or tank where the fertilizer is loaded, the drop tube and the distributor.

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